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Getting Your Solar Panels Removed

Your system will be handled with care by an experienced professional.
Get Your Solar Panels Removed

How The Process Works

From removal to reinstallation the "R&R"
Solar Panel Removal And Inspection
Your solar panel system will be turned off, disasembled, and removed from your roof. During this process all the componets will be inspected. 
After the solar panels are removed from the roof they will be sorted and stored on site. Anything that is broken or excessively worn will be accounted for.  
Optional Reinstallation
Most solar panel removals are for roof replacements or major system repairs. Once the system is removed and inspected it can be reinstalled. Any hardware or or electrical components that are of code, worn out, or broken will need to be replaced for reinstallation. 
Our Policy
At SOLAR GOAT our mission is to keep solar panel system producing power. Protecting your investment and sustainable technology. Our policy is to reinstall the system using industry best practices, bring the system up to code, and replace any faulty equipment. 

“We are here to keep your panels producing power”

Solar panel removal is an essential part of maintenance and repair. Once the solar panels and installed they may need to be serviced or the roof may need to be replaced. 

Brandan Sirrine

Owner/Found of SOLAR GOAT